Friday, December 22, 2017

The Struggles of Online Dating

One thing I've learned while being back in the dating game is that some guys are frickin' weird. For funsies, I downloaded Bumble and Tinder shortly after my breakup. Before y'all go freaking out, I'm not looking for a boyfriend. All I want is someone to tell me I'm pretty and take me out to dinner and drinks. The last thing I need or want right now is commitment. Anyways, I thought that these apps would be a great confidence boost and help me get back into the swing of things. I also don't know how to go out and meet a guy because the only guys I know are the ones I work with and I still have yet to meet the love of my life at Target aka the holy land. So here are some of the struggles I've encountered with online dating.

Bad photos: Do guys not know how to take a decent photo? Why are so many guys posting shitty pictures that are blurry and from 2007? Why do some guys take photos where they look like they are going to murder me in my sleep? More importantly, why are shirtless mirror pictures still being posted?! I just don't understand.

Stupid (or nonexistent) bios: I'm probably one of the weird ones but I love reading the bios that men put on dating apps. But what really irks me is improper use of grammar and formatting. There is no need to put "..." after every single phrase and it's honestly not that hard to type out "you" instead of "u". Also, what also bothers me is when guys have their high school in their bio. Like homie, you graduated from high school seven years ago so it's time to let go of that part of your life. Another thing is why don't some guys use the bio? It honestly gives the girl messaging you something to go off of when thinking of something cute or witty to send.

Weird ways of reaching out: Now I'm that kind of person who puts their Insta in their Bumble/Tinder bio because why not. I like to think I'm decently attractive and post good pictures. But what I forgot to think about is the random guys sliding into my DM's. Most of them come from Tinder from what they have told me. I'm sorry but using my DM's to talk to me is not my preferred method of communication. If I haven't matched with you and you reach out to me on Insta, it's an automatic no from me.

Just being straight up strange: I had one guy messaged me four times in a row and couldn't take a hint that I didn't want to talk to him anymore. Another guy was a supporter of pineapple on pizza which should be illegal. One guy offered to help with my boredom and put a winky emoji next to it. No thanks pal. I'm okay. And for my personal favorite, one guy want to take me on a date to piss off his girl roommate because I know more about Disney than the roomie. He also wanted to bring the friend with on our date. Nope. That's just weird. Thanks though!!!


  1. Hey I'm Kevin! Just wondering how your liking Florida and our weather! Look forward to talking with you in the future and I like your blog I thought these things died in 2016!

  2. Hey! I think you're absolutely beautiful. If you want to get to know a good guy in Orlando hit me up. Snapchat fsujoe09 :) hope to hear from ya!


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