Sunday, November 11, 2018

The Real Reason Why I Left Disney

Something I get asked often when I tell someone I used to work at Disney World is "Why did you leave Disney?" Then they continue to go on how it must have been so cool, so ~magical~, and I was probably a princess. Yeah, it was cool, it was sometimes magical, and no, I was not a princess. Truth be told, I wasn't getting the experience I needed.

When I completed my first college program back during my senior year of college, I vowed to never work at Disney again. LOL. I clearly changed my mind three weeks into my last semester of college because I missed it so much. So when I went back after I graduated to do my Professional Internship, I kept saying that I'd stay at Disney and make it a career. But then that Disney slump hit again where I wasn't truly happy. I loved that I was able to make magic for families and go to Disney for free but I felt like I'd never get my foot in the right door.

The biggest issue I had with Disney was the unknown of my future. I didn't want to work at Disney in a frontline job anymore. I wanted to be full-time and salaried with benefits and at Disney, that is so hard to find since so many people apply for those jobs and are often times more qualified. I applied to what felt like 50 internal job postings and other Professional Internships in my year of being an intern and the only thing I ever got an interview for was Concierge, which was a frontline job. I ended up getting statused as full-time Concierge and was supposed to start after my internship ended but I was also offered a job in Houston for a big kid job. I decided that I needed to make a big life change and took the job in Houston where I had a salary, benefits, and the chance to start a real career.

One of my leaders from VIP Tours once mentioned that sometimes you need to get experience elsewhere before continuing on your Disney journey and I wholeheartedly agree with that. I want to have a career in social media and content creation and leaving Disney was going to give me that experience to grow in that field. If I stayed at Disney doing Concierge, I wouldn't be gaining that knowledge to succeed in the field I love and am passionate about. I already feel so behind compared to my peers because so many of my friends from college got real jobs after college ended and I was just dilly-dallying around at Disney, riding rides, and watching movies in minivans for a living.

Earlier in October, I went on a quick trip to Disney and I miss it so much, I really do. But Disney will always be there for me if I ever want to go back. I don't think I'll ever work there again though but the option is always there. And I honestly think I love Disney even more now because it's a vacation again and something I get to look forward to visiting. And in case y'all didn't know, I recently took a new job here in Houston where I work in social media and it's giving me the career experience I need and I really enjoy it!

Do I miss seeing the castle every day? Yes. Do I miss getting to make magic? Yes. Do I miss all my friends? Yes. Leaving was hard but it had to be done. I was so lucky to have one of the coolest jobs at Disney but I'm glad I decided to take the blind leap of faith to leave.

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  1. That sounds like a difficult decision! I have a bunch of friends who work at Disney World and they say the same thing in terms of climbing up the ladder. I'm sure the outside experience will help you in the long run!



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