Monday, January 7, 2019

New Year's Resolutions

Hello my wonderful readers! I can't believe we are already a week into the new year! I took a little hiatus because life hasn't been the best lately and I was completely uninspired. I was looking back on my 2018 resolutions and I did not follow through with them so let's try this again. I spent a while thinking about these goals and I'm really hoping I can stick to them!

Blog more consistently - This is the year I want to dive deeper into the blogging world. I've been blogging since like 2010 but I want to get my shit together and grow my blog and brand! I'm aiming for a post a week and having drafts done well in advance. I want to invest in a tripod and take more photos as well since I live by myself and don't have the extra funds to hire a photographer.

To be even more open and real with you all - I try to be pretty real with my posts but I want to be even more transparent. Some of my best posts are the ones where I'm open and vulnerable with you all and I want to keep doing that. Being open, real, and vulnerable makes my content more relatable to you all and makes you want to keep reading. I'm tired of bloggers who only post the highlight reels of their life. I want my blog to be a place where I can talk about the good, the bad, and the downright ugly sides of life.

Reach 100 Pure Barre classes by June - Back in July, I started taking Pure Barre classes and I was hooked! I've fallen in love with this amazing low-impact workout because it doesn't hurt my old lady joints and combines ballet, pilates, and yoga all into one workout. With the holidays and all the traveling I was doing, I fell off my workout plan big time. This year, I want to reach 100 classes by June! I'm already a little past the halfway point but I want to push myself harder this year to take more classes. I even went to a 5:15 am workout just to get a workout in! I'll do a whole blog post about Pure Barre later on but if you haven't tried it, do it! It's the best workout ever and even though the price tag is kind of steep, it's well worth it.

Plan more travel - Now that I've been at my new job for almost 3 months, my PTO kicks in soon! There are so many places I want to travel to and I definitely want to go on more trips this year. I'd love to visit Disneyland, go back to Disney World to use my annual pass, maybe New York City in the winter which is an absolute dream for me, and smaller weekend trips to Dallas and Austin because I haven't been before!

Make self-care a priority - I'll do a whole blog post on my 2018 reflection but these last couple months have been rough. I've been stressed, anxious, and just generally unhappy and one thing I haven't been good about is self-care. I work 70 hour weeks and sometimes I just need a day off. I'm trying to schedule my time better and work a little less at my side job so I don't burn myself out even more. Whether it be just being home and watching Netflix or treating myself to a massage, I want to make sure I make time for myself this year.

Read a book a month - I have loved reading since I was a kid but as I grew up, reading was something I did less and less. I spend so much time watching Netflix and because of that, I want to start reading again! There are several unread books I have and I'm so excited to read them such as the Get Your Sh*t Together because let's be real, I need to actually get my shit together this year.

Compliment someone every day - This is something so little but can make such an impact on someone's day. It's such an easy way to perk someone up and make them feel good! It takes literally 10 seconds of your day. Whether you think their nails are pretty or their shoes are super cute, it will be something they remember!

Save money and pay off debt - Adulting is hard. Budgeting is hard. Paying bills sucks. I work two jobs to pay my bills and now that I have that extra income, I want to rebuild my savings and pay off more of my debt! When I moved, my savings account dwindled and it makes me super sad. By the end of the year, I would love to have 3 months worth of emergency funds and most of my credit cards close to being paid off!

Organize, organize, organize - I just started watching the new Marie Kondo show on Netflix and this is inspiring me to organize and declutter! Moving a lot has caused me to have stuff I don't use anymore. I have a whole bin in my closet of random stuff and now I'm itching to clean it out and get rid of things! I went through my closet pretty recently but I want to go through it again and get rid of more clothes and then start investing in quality, staple pieces that won't go out of style.

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